The differences

Heat treatment (Oven)

The soot filter must be sawn / ground open and placed in the oven for heating, then cleaned and re-welded.

Turnaround time: 4 to 8 hours

Costs: 4 devices may be needed:
– Against pressure gauge
– Oven
– Heavy compressor
– Cleaning machine

Pros and cons

Removal of most ash and soot particles
Risk of damage to the filter and filter fit
Fusion of Cerium with the filter
High temperature can damage the precious metals in the filter

Ultrasonic cleaning

Remove sensors and place filter in ultrasonic tank, the ultrasonic waves clean the filter.

Lead time 12 to 24 hours ultrasonic cleaning, drying and pneumatic blowing.

Costs, 3 devices may be needed::
– Ultrasonic cleaner
– Dry oven
– Heavy compressor

Pros and cons

Deep cleaning of the filter walls
Works moderately with heavily soiled filters
Risk of damage to filter walls due to vibration and implosion of air bubbles
High water consumption and high environmental impact

Additives and additives

Pros and cons

Cheap and easy
Not effective ash build-up in the filter remains
Temporary solution only
Risk of damage to the filter