Who we are

Visser Vehicle Systems BV is active with particulate filter cleaning since 2005, and previous a distributor of an Italian brand of particulate filter cleaning machines.

Due to our extensive experience with machines of the various brands in our own workshop, we started developing our own machine, the EPF cleaner machine, in 2019. The abbreviation EPF stands for “Exhaust Particle Filter”.

“This has resulted in a user-friendly, very reliable and environmentally friendly machine”

Partly with to the input of our customers and our own experiences, we started to develop. This with the aim of building a machine that is better suited to practice. We have made many improvements and have optimally perfected the process of cleaning with water and detergent.

Sawing open, removing the filter element, treatment in an oven is not necessary anymore and is therefore belonging to the past. This saves a lot of time, energy and unnecessary risk of damage to the filter element, sensors and pipes.